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Date posted: July 14, 2016

For a while a strip of NeoPixels have been sitting idly by collecting dust with vacant promises of them one day shining brightly. I contemplated a way to show off their captivating rainbow colors but came to a stall. So I decided to enjoy the cool Summer day by playing some guitar on the front porch. As I was rocking out in D minor I thought to myself what a awesome tree we have in our front yard… wait… wait… a headache with pictures, an idea! (as Fry says)

Moments later I fired up AutoCAD, turned on the laser, and suddenly felt productive on a lazy Saturday afternoon. Since this project was a spur of the moment endeavor, I have no CAD, code, or other neat things to show outside a few pictures below.

Lighted LED tree art.

Neopixel tree art.

The front of the light is white acrylic and it turns out white acrylic is partially transparent.


The NeoPixel strip is mounted facing towards the reflection backsplash using a series of spacers.


The power and data connection is sort of bulky, but it’s fine until the next revision.


The LED strip is encased in a silicon square tube for waterproofing purposes. The spaces are glued to the back plate crushing the silicon tube, but not in way that is damaging.

In retrospect I should of added another layer of acrylic with built in cross sections for the spacers to be attached.


Behind the light houses a small area that holds an Arduino Mini and a DC-DC converter. When it comes to waterproofing, this should hold up. Time will tell. If not, I will need to add a neoprene gasket and rethink the power connection (AKA the barrel connection)

The construction material is 3mm white acrylic and 6mm black acrylic, all scrap from other projects or business.

All and all I am happy with the lighting effect and the appeal of the design. You create the world you want to live in, I guess I want to live in a colorful world. :)

My next version is going to be completely different. Instead of the strip being external and reflecting light onto a back plate, the strip will be internal and illuminate a front plate from the rear.