Memory Wall

Filled under: Art

Date posted: January 15, 2007



Memory Wall is a place to post ideas, important documents, and daily reminders for easy visual access and to help organize thoughts and projects.

Due  to me constantly working on several projects at a time,  my work area tends to become quickly cluttered with schematics, datasheets, reminders, etc. At one point in the past I would just pound a nail in the wall and “file” my papers in sight so I would not forget where they are. This method was crude, yet effective, but simply was not appropriate for my newly inhabited apartment.

My first thought was to make a huge corkboard.  But, for some reason cork is expensive. So I came up with a system that would only require two nails in the wall in place of 20. Then being a fan of ambient lighting, I scrounged up some blue LEDs for backdrop illumination. The frame is simply furring strips cut down and painted black.

The project came out very nice and I’ve received several compliments about it. Now I don’t have to use a stuffy filing cabinet for often accessed documents.