Illuminated Bookshelf and Lightbar Power Supply

Filled under: Fabrication

Date posted: January 20, 2008






A bookshelf with red illuminated shelves and three RGB spot lights in the top shelf to colorfully set aglow translucent objects.

Also attached to the system are three green light bars hung on two walls and overtop the closet door.



The two large red buttons on the left side top shelf control the exterior green light bars and the installed red CCFL lighitng. The three smaller black buttons to the left control the topside RGB LEDs’ mode, color preference, and speed.


The three control switches are on the right, and the two power buttons on the left.



The Insides:

The bookshelf is made from scrap 3/4″ plywood, red CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) lighting, three RGB LEDs driven by a PIC18F2410. The power supply, found in a hidden compartment in the base,  is a reused stripped down ATX PSU salvaged from an old computer. Using a ATX PSU is great because it give both 5v and 12v to drive the PIC and the CCFL at their required voltages.


 With the lowest shelf of the bookshelf removed you can see the hidden PSU. The PSU also powers CCFL lights built into the bookshelf.


 Underneath the top shelf holds the electronic control system.



The PIC MCU – simple and to the point. (There is clear plastic between the board and tin foil.)



The Topside Lighting:

The topside lighting is three RGB LEDs driven by nine software PWM channels using a PIC18F2410 and controlled with three input buttons.

There are several color changing modes to choose from.

  • Solid – The user can select the color for each channel independently
  • Rotate – The color of each channel randomly rotates through seven colors
  • Revolve – The color smoothly fades randomly throughout the various colors

Each mode has an option to select only the middle channel, synchronize all three channels to the same color, or have each channel with it’s own independent color action.

The buttons from left to right control the MODE, COLOR PREFERENCE, and SPEED.

Video of the topside illumination lighting up several glass ice cubes.





Electronic Components:

3x SPST off-(on) buttons
10x Resistors
1x Decoupling capacitor
2x SPST off-on buttons
3x Red CCFLs w/inverters
1x ATX PSU (Antec 350w)
1x Terminal strip



Personal Notes:

Well, this project came out pretty good, considering it was built on the fly using scrap wood and mostly scrap electronics. The white paint is not so good, even stained plywood would of looked much better. I can definitely foresee myself making a few more of these using nice hardwood, ornate trim, 1w RGB LED Luxeon Stars, and dropping the CCFLs for RGB Strips. Let’s see, that means I will need a tablesaw, a router table, more electronics…. I guess in a few years.