Graduation Cap

Filled under: Electronics

Date posted: January 1, 2014


I decided the only way I could jusitfy the cost of going to graduation (buying the cap and gown) is if I could do somthing fun. Dancing across the stage is not really my style, but bright colorful LEDs are my style!

Having a few WS2811b’s (NeoPixels) laying around I quickly sprung into action.


I used a two cell LIPO battery from my tricopter equipment, an Ardruino Nano, and a DC-DC converter to take the 7.2V down to 5V.

The code used was from the Adafruit NeoPixel library:


I added a simple on/off switch to the corner of the cap using hotglue. When my named was called to walk across the stage I reached to the back of my cap and activated the lights.



Dr. Sam, the president of the college, commented as we shook hands that he liked my cap and never saw anything like it. My professor had a colleague comment to her, “he’s not an engineering, he’s an artist!”